My Road of Fat

I wasn’t always fat. At one point I was down right adorably normal. This post will chronicle my road of fat from adorable chubby baby cheeks to not so adorable love handles.

6 months old here. My parents were always of the clean plate club mindset. My mother also had an aversion to all things green due to being forced to eat veggies her entire childhood, so she didn’t even bring them into the house. I didn’t have my first taste of spinach till high school, even then it was on a pizza.

2 years old and already a bookworm.

5 years old

9 years old

12 years old. And then puberty happened. First the boobs. I was the only girl in my 6th grade class that I knew of that had to wear an actual proper bra, or risk knocking myself out in PE.

15 years old. Tried my first strapless bra. Boy was that fun.

Fast forward to 23 years old, graduated with my bachelor’s in nursing.

25 years old. Wedding to the love of my life. I have the distinct memory of being sad because I was the heaviest I had ever been. I never thought I’d let myself get to that point. Little did I know it would keep going.


27 years old. 8 months pregnant with twins. Due to losing weight at the beginning due to morning sickness I was actually the same weight as at my wedding. I actually felt skinny here.

The girls were 6 months old here, at their naming ceremony. I had thought “oh I’m breastfeeding twins! It doesn’t matter what I eat, I’ll lose it burning those calories!”. That combined with some probable undiagnosed post partem depression and I ballooned. I felt absolutely disgusting here and on display for all our family and friends.

The girls are 18 months here. I’m 29. Took a beach vacation with some friends. I didn’t even pack a swim suit.

31 years old. The girls are almost 5. I don’t actually have a picture at my heaviest but this would be the closest. My heaviest was in July 2016 at 268lbs. Here I’m 262 lbs. It was in July that I started researching weight loss surgery when I realized how close I was to my father’s weight.

Dad and me at his Christmas party. I’m so glad he’s going to be doing this with me as well. His surgery is going to be on the same day as mine too!

My most recent picture. I’m 254 lbs here. My husband threw me a surprise birthday party for my 32nd birthday nearly 3 months after my actual birthday, on his birthday! I came home with the girls after their gymnastics lessen to a house full of our family and friends, some I hadn’t seen in years. Needless to say I was just a tad surprised 🙂

So that’s my road of fat. There’s many factors that led me to being the size that I am now. I’m working on those that I can change and acknowledging those that I can’t. It definitely didn’t take me overnight to get here and it won’t take overnight to get me to where I’d like to be. I know this. It’s going to take time, but hopefully, thanks to the surgery, I’ll have plenty of time to work on it. My father too.


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