One Month to go!

Today officially marks one month till VSG day! Eeek! I only have two things left to do before then. Next Tuesday I have my last appointment with the surgeon and a 3 hour class basically about post-op nutrition. I’ll also get my official preop weight and measurements. Then in the beginning of April I have an appointment with my primary to get clearance and a history and physical done for the records. And at some point I’ll get contacted by preadmission testing and find out if I need to do any preop lab work or if it can just be done the day of. And of course the dreaded 2 week preop liquid diet before VSG day.

By time VSG comes I’ll have done a information seminar, 6 meetings with my surgeon and nutritionist, gallbladder ultrasound, a psych eval, blood work, stool sample, a support group meeting, a cooking class, and had 2 appointments with my primary. If I had any existing comorbidities I would have had to more. For example if I had sleep apnea I’d have to do a sleep study, or bad reflux I’d have to do an endoscopy. Luckily though I’m a healthy fat person.


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