The Last Supper

If you ask the experts or those that think they’re the experts they always tell you never to have a big last supper before you start your liquid diet. I blatantly ignored this advice. This is definitely a “do as I say, not as I do” moment.

For super special occasions my loving husband and I like to go to a restaurant called Boi Na Braza. It is a Brazilian steakhouse and it is all kinds of decadent yummyness. It’s also hella expensive so we only go when we can buy a groupon and then hoard said groupon till our special occasion. The big draw of this restaurant is that you can literally eat a never ending buffet of high end cuts of meat. Grouchos (see picture) walk around carrying 15 various cuts of meat on large skewers. You’re given a coaster when you first sit down. Green side up equals “give me the meat!”. Red side up means “give me a minute”. They also have a huge buffet of sides, salads, etc. And if that wasn’t enough there’s also the dessert cart and wide array of wines, beers, and cocktails. Needless to say that by the end of the night I needed a wheelbarrow to get out our car, because there’s no way we’re not going to get our money’s worth!

The reasoning behind ignoring advice and forging ahead with my diet destroying last supper is simple. After the surgery there’s no way I’m going to be willing to shell out the prices that this place charges for all of 4-5 bites of food. It’ll be a delicious 4-5 bites for sure, but not worth the expense. Even their kid’s meals are expensive, so it’s a deal breaker. This was a last goodbye to one of our favorite restaurants, at least until someone else offers to pay or we win the lottery. Plus, once I start the liquid diet phase it’ll be nearly 2 solid months before I can eat anything that requires proper chewing. And I know this goes along with the mentality I’ve been trying to unlearn, but I wanted to reward myself for the journey I’ve been on the past 6+ months. I realize that’s counter intuitive, but there it is all the same.


 (Groucho dude holding the best cut in my humble opinion, the top sirloin.

Pretty sure his name was Ramon)


My awesome father babysat the minions so that my husband and I could enjoy our decadent night.  Here’s my wonderfully supportive husband. He’s decided to join me in trying to be healthier too, mainly because he doesn’t like the idea of me weighing less than him. I’ve been heavier than him our entire relationship, all 14 years of it. You also wouldn’t believe the amount of shape-wear I have under that dress.  Spanx are a fluffy girl’s best friend.

While I had my Dad over we did some “before” pictures since we start the dreaded liquid diet on April 11th.

Isn’t my Dad just adorable?


3 thoughts on “The Last Supper

  1. I wish you all the best with this!! I know a couple Mother/Daughter ladies that did the Jewish hospital 1st liquid diet then add foods. They LOST ALL their weight but as soon as they stopped doing the diet they gained it all back! So try to remember it is a LIFE STYLE CHANGE FOREVER!!! That seems to be my problem. Can’t think of it as a diet.. It is forever.


  2. Hi! I just sat down and read your entire blog. It hits home on so many levels. All of them, really. I think you’re incredibly brave, and can’t wait to see the wonderful outcome of these changes you are making for yourself!


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