Liquid Diet funtimes

A few weeks ago Dad and I went to our last appointment before the surgery. We had our measurements taken, official before pictures, lab work, bought our protein powder, and 3 hour education class on diet pre-surgery and immediately post-surgery.



Dad mugging for the camera during his blood draw.



Yesterday marked the first day of the pre-op liquid diet. The main reason most surgeons have their bariatric patients do a pre-op liquid diet is to shrink the liver. The stomach resides pretty much right under the liver. By shrinking the liver it creates extra space and makes it easier to retract the liver during the surgery, thus making it easier on the surgeon and on you.









The basic parameters of our diet includes drinking 3 protein shakes, 48-64 oz water, and 6 servings of “food” off a short list they gave us. The list has 1 package plain oatmeal, unsweetened applesauce, broth, soup, carbmaster yogurt, sugar free jello, or 1 cup carrots/salad/veg with 2 tablespoon fat free dressing.

It’s currently the middle of day 2 of liquid diet funtimes and so far it hasn’t been terrible. I’m not that hungry, or hangry even. I do have a bit of a headache, but then I’m also prone to migraines so who knows if it’s connected or not. I am finding that my “meals” aren’t lasting me as long as a normal meal would. My stomach is letting me know earlier that it wants something in it. My co-workers are sympathetic to my plight, however the first two days someone brought in chocolate cake, donuts, and cookies. My will-power so far has held out but I can hear them calling my name 3 rooms over. That’s the problem with working in surgery. There’s always free food, usually unhealthy yummy food, out in the breakroom.



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