Week 6 update

This week marks 5 weeks post op. Dad is at 230lbs, down 50 lbs, as of last Thursday. He saw his renal doc for the first time since before surgery and was upgraded from stage 4 renal disease to stage 3, which is awesome! To give this perspective stage 5 is when one goes on dialysis, so that means he’s getting further away from it and already accomplishing one of his main goals of having the surgery.

As of Monday I’m down 51.4 lbs putting me at 216.6 lbs. Last Wednesday I had my annual health screening for work. This involves getting labs, height/weight, and “counseling”. Once the results come back you can compare to last years to see just how much of a fatty you’ve been over the last year, or in my case actual numerically presented benefits of the surgery and pre-op diet. Below are my results:

————           May 2016             May 2017              Normal Range   —————

BP                      124/84                      110/72

Waist                 44″                              38″                     less than 35″

Glucose              96                              80                       less than 100 fasting

Triglycerides     118                          104                      less than 150

HDL                   57                              35                         greater than 50


So I improved overall except for my HDL level. Still out of range for my waist circumference but that’s no surprise. Look how close I am though! According to my doc’s medical assistant one of the best ways to bring up your HDL is exercise, so it’s not really all that surprising that it’s low right now. I’m just coming off recovering from the surgery and light duty so I haven’t really been moving around all that much up until when I came back full duty to work a couple weeks ago. In theory it should come back up after I start actually exercising, which I can’t do till I’m released to do so at my appt next week. If you don’t know what HDL is, don’t feel bad. I had to look it up too. Basically it’s your good cholesterol that ushers out the bad cholesterol from your system, promotes cardiovascular health. If it’s too low your heart disease risk goes up.

At the last appt before surgery they took our body measurements. Seeing my waist circumference at the screening made me curious so I did another round of measurements to compare the pre-op ones. I know my clothes have been significantly baggier than usual lately but I was still very pleasantly surprised at the results. All of the measurements are in inches:

—————————-                  March 28                            June 6    ————————–

Right upper arm                          15.5                                      13 3/4

Right forearm                              12                                           10 3/4

Chest  (above breasts)                47                                           43

Waist                                             51                                           45

Hips                                               53                                           50 1/2

Right upper thigh                        32 1/4                                    29

Right mid thigh                            28                                          25 1/2

Right calf                                      19                                           17 3/4


Most notably I’ve noticed a big difference in my waist and chest. My jeans are literally falling off me. I’m trying to wait as long as possible to buy clothes so I’ll be investing in a good belt soon. Luckily I have a few drawstring pants that’ll come in useful. My chest is also shrinking fast, probably much to my husband’s chagrin. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very well endowed but instead of being a 44 H I’m now a 38F-40DDD. When I went hunting in my dresser drawers I discovered that as I outgrew my previous bra sizes I would just shove them into my drawer, so the deeper you go the smaller they are. In theory then I shouldn’t have to buy new bras for awhile. In theory anyway…

A recent NSV (non-scale victory) I experienced was that I was actually able to chase my 5 year old girls around the splash park this weekend. It didn’t hurt, I didn’t get out of breath, and I didn’t feel self-conscious. I also bought my first 2 piece bathing suit in my life. Granted it’s a tankini top that I’m going to pair with a pair of boy’s trunks, but still potentially belly exposing which is big!

Since I’ve been back to work full time I’m still working on what my daily eating/drinking schedule looks like. Right now I’m drinking half a protein shake on the drive in and then finishing it on my morning break plus some other fluids. Lunch is protein based something, around 3-4 oz. If I get an afternoon break I have something else protein based, usually a greek yogurt. All the while I’m sneaking drinks of water between cases. On the drive home I’m drinking my powerade zero like it’s going out of style, while also trying not to overdo it and get sick. It’s a fine line. I’ll get home about 6 and have a protein based dinner, 3-4 oz, while waiting for the girls to finish their dinner I’ll tend to be able to get outside the 30 minute waiting period and be able to drink something again. After the girls’ bedtime till my bedtime I try to get as many fluids in as I can.

If I’m under my protein goal for the day, which 90% of the time I am, I’ll have a cup of fairlife milk turned hot white chocolate with the help of some sugar-free flavor syrup. Just recently I’ve been able to eat and drink just a little more at a time so I’ve reached my protein goal 85-90% of the time, and if I don’t reach it I’m really close. Same with my fluids goal. Not quite there everyday but super close.

Another goal that I’m working on is making sure I get all my vitamins in. I’ve been really naughty about taking them. I know, I know. Not good. But I’m a work in progress and I think I have a schedule down for them that’s working. I’ve been able to remember all of them for 3 days straight!

Last but not least we had a new addition to the family yesterday! We adopted a stray 5 week old kitten from a family friend that rescued her. She’s been named Stormie, short for Stormageddon Dark Lord of All. We’re assuming she’s a she. If she turns out to be a he then the name works either way. She’s an adorable tiny ball of fluff. Right now we’re keeping her isolated in the bathroom to protect her from the other 2 cats and the messy house. This week’s project is to kitten-proof/clean the house so she can have some freedom. It would be just our luck that the first day we let her out she eats a rubber hair twisty or lone bead on the floor.



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