Welcome to One-derland!

Holy sh*t balls! I haven’t been under 200 since I was 16ish! Woot woot! This surgery was so worth it…


12 week follow-up

I experienced dumping for the first time this last Monday, I think. I currently have an infected finger (see boo-boo below) and am on 2 antibiotics for it. Monday morning I took both on an empty stomach and then drank my protein shake on the way to work. About half way through my shake I started to feel like poo. Fast forward to 0700 and I’m in the bathroom throwing up. Fun times. It wasn’t that much, but still… The whole rest of the day I just felt like poop and a half. No energy, headache, no appetite, throbbing finger. It was an awesome day. I can’t for sure blame it on the shake and say I dumped or that it came from the pills on an empty stomach. Needless to say I’ve made sure to drink my morning shake first before the pills since then and luckily I haven’t had a repeat. The below pic is actually after it improved some, believe it or not.






Dad and I have been working out together 3 days a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays at the group class and hiking either on Saturday or Sunday. In addition to that I’ve been going to a cardio dance class on Mondays. I’ve started to attempt to run to prep for the 5K. So far I can run for a minute straight. Out of 30 minutes I’ll run for 3 minutes with walking between the minute spurts. Not too shabby for a couch potato. I’ve had to double up in the bra department so I don’t knock myself out though. It works out pretty well. Underwire to keep the girls up and a sports bra to keep them in.


Today was my follow up appt for 12 weeks post op. Below is the comparison pics from today vs my last preop appt. In addition from going from a size 22 to 16, my bra has gone from 44H to 40DD, though I could probably do a 38DD.

Collage 2017-07-26 10_20_05

Dad’s appt was monday. At both our appts they measured us to compare to our preop measurements. Here they are (in inches):

Dad’s- Total lost: 24 inches. 33 lbs since surgery. 53 lbs total

Mine- Total lost: 39.25 inches. 40 lbs since surgery. 68 lbs total.


One slightly weird thing that’s developed for me lately is that I’m wearing more skirts and dresses, as evidence in the above photos. As I loose inches off my thighs I don’t chub-rub as bad and thus am more likely to wear something super girly instead of jeans and a baggy t-shirt. I’m also not having to wear leggings or bicycle shorts underneath like I always have. It feels freeing and very exposing at the same time.

Crazy Talk!

So I’ve always said that if you see me running you should be running too because that means that there’s something chasing me. Well I’ve decided to do something completely out of the box for me and sign up for a 5K. Crazy talk, right?! I’ve even roped one of my friends into doing it with me.

This isn’t just any normal 5K though. It’s at night, at King’s Island, glow-in-the-dark, and during the Haunt. This means there’s going to be people in costume jumping out at us while we run through a dark and spooky course. At the end of if all you end up inside the park and have “free” admission to the Haunt. This is the kind of 5K I can get behind, in theory. Also, the running is going to be more like walking fast and maybe the occasional jog. My training plan is to follow the program in the Couch to 5K app on my phone. It’ll eventually work me up to jogging/running the majority of the time. Again, in theory.

If you’re local and are interested here’s the link to the 5K page: https://www.runandriderace.com/kingsislandglow The same weekend they have another marathon during the day with fun runs and stuff for the kiddies.

Another huge victory, at least for me, is that this week I was able to move to the other scrub cart at work! For those of you not in the surgical field, let me explain. We have our scrubs provided for us and laundered for us because of all the gross gooey things we encounter on a daily basis. Those scrubs are organized by size on wire shelves/carts. Small, medium, large on one and 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x on the other. My entire nursing career I’ve been on the other. Yesterday I officially can fit in large scrubs and thus I’ve moved to the other cart! It’s a big thing for me.

Collage 2017-07-13 12_41_17

Happy Fourth of July!


This fourth of July my family joined me on memory lane. We went to a local private amusement park called Stricker’s Grove. It’s only open to the public maybe 3-4 times a year, otherwise it’s rented out for events and such for local companies. Aside from the tradition fair food of funnel cakes and cotton candy they have some super yummy cookout food. Ride wise they have a fair few festival type rides and two mini-roller coasters. Growing up I used to go here with one of my friends and her family when her dad’s company had a thing there.

My shorties aren’t quite up to the height requirement for a bunch of the rides to go by themselves yet so I knew that my husband and I would have to be the designated responsible adults and ride with them. I had a bit of anxiety about this going in. From memory I knew these rides were not that accommodating to a bigger derriere. Was I going to fit? Was I going to get stuck? Was I going to be incredibly uncomfortable? I was very pleasantly surprised though! For example: The tornado.

These tiny bench seats are actually divided in two by a little padded divider. Combine that with not only a bar belt but an actual belt belt and I thought there’s no way I’d fit. Not only did I fit but I had enough room to where the bar came down without hitting the belly and I slid around a little bit on the turns! I had a few inches on either side of me between the sides of my little portion of the seat. I was also able to get in and out of all the rides mostly with ease! You have no idea how happy this made me. I’ve been seeing my weight loss in my clothes, but this was just another concrete piece of evidence to show how far I’ve come.

Another pleasant discovery of the day is that I have two little thrill seekers on my hands. My girls went on their first roller coaster and loved it! All of the thrill rides they went on they begged to go on a second and third time. That also made me incredibly happy. It probably made my husband a bit happy too since he’ll be off the hook once they’re tall enough to join me on the big coasters. So excited!