6 Months post-op

Last week Dad and I celebrated 6 months post-op. As of this week he is down to 211 lbs and I’m down to 179 lbs. So for him that’s 70lbs total so far and 89 lbs total for me.

Dad also had a visit with his endocrinologist (kidney doc) who talked about potentially taking him off his blood pressure medication. He has to self-monitor and report back the numbers to determine if this is possible. He also hasn’t had to take an insulin shot in well over 3 months, which is all kinds of awesome. If nothing else this entire process, for him and me, the improvement in his health has made it worth it to me.

At Dad’s 6 month appointment, the nutritionist said he needs to work on incorporating more veggies into his diet and increasing his fluid intake. They said the same thing to me. Both are something I acknowledge that I’m still struggling with, along with remembering my vitamins. I am getting better at the vitamins at least. Fluids are a bit better, but nowhere where they need to be. Veggies are pretty much nil. After eating all the protein we’re supposed to eat I just don’t have any room left for veg, even if it is just a bite or two here and there. That extra bite will usually put me over into being uncomfortably full.

Yesterday was Halloween. This year the girls and I were witches and my husband was a black cat, our familiar. Zoe was Maleficent (which is adorable to hear her try to say). Phoebe was a generic witch but her skirt lit up so apparently that was everything. I was Winifred from Hocus Pocus (sans expensive wig). And I guess you could call Aaron Binx, the black cat from Hocus Pocus. This was the first year I was able to purchase a costume in a regular size (large!). Usually I’d just get creative with what was in my closet to avoid buying a plus sized costume. Below are the past 5 years of Halloweens for your enjoyment:



2 thoughts on “6 Months post-op

  1. Those are some GREAT pictures!! You look AMAZING!! Maybe you could lessen your protein 1 meal every couple of days and add veggies!?? So how much has your diet changed since the surgery? I know the amount you eat has but what else?? I know a couple people that really didn’t make it a life style change and gained all their weight back.. So SAD to go through all that for nothing in the end!!


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