Failed Adulting!

I know I sound like a broken record but I really need to get better at taking of myself. Adulting! I sometimes greatly miss when someone else would be the adult and take care of me.

This past Thursday I didn’t realize until it was nearly time for bed that I had only drank about 8 ounces of water the whole day, outside of my daily protein shake. I’m supposed to average minimum 42 ounces so as to not get totally dehydrated. I very rarely reach that goal unfortunately. I know that when I’m dehydrated I’m much more prone to migraines and yet I still do this to myself. I don’t even think about it and I really need to. I’m also starting to get the occasional dizzy spell from dehydration. Not good, I know.

So of course I woke up Friday with yet another migraine. In addition to my heavenly medication I take when I have one, I also spent the majority of the day force hydrating myself. In the picture my big blue water bottle holds 42 ounces and the pink one holds 32 ounces. By the end of the day I had drank 2 pinks and 1 blue! Goal more than achieved. I literally had an alarm set for 2.5 solid hours on a 10 minute snooze. Every 10 minutes I would “chug”, which amounts to 6 tiny sips for me. That’s all I can drink at a time without feeling uncomfortable. By afternoon, early evening, I was right as rain! Now I just need to get better at doing this everyday without the threat of a migraine literally hanging over my head. img_20171110_1714599141588174163.jpg

Thursday while I was ignoring my body and not drinking I was running errands. After writing the last post about my amazing disappearing boobs I decided I was going to get sized and purchase a properly fitting bra. Not only do I miss my girls being actually boob shaped and in their proper location, but my back has been hurting from lack of adequate support. So I went on an adventure! Somewhat aggravating and depressing adventure, but an adventure nonetheless.

Started at Meijer’s, thinking I’m small enough now that I can buy cheaper bras at a “normal” store. Nope. No idea what my size was so I just tried ones on willy-nilly. Didn’t work out so well.

Since I’m significantly smaller now that I have ever been in my life I thought I’d see if I could fit in Victoria’s Secret now. I go in and get measured since I don’t know what my actual current size is. Reminder that I started this process last year at a 44H. This kind lady measured me at a 38D. Ha! Doubtful but you’re the professional. I put the prescribed size and it was comical. So many rolls everywhere! My cup definitely runneth over, and the side boob, and the back fat. Yeah… So then she went got me a 38DD. Not so much. And with that I sized out of Victoria’s Secret . DD is the biggest cup size they have. Alrighty then… Too big for Victoria’s Secret still.

I then went a few doors down to Torrid. Most of my current bras came either from Torrid or Lane Bryant. At this point I’ve decided that I needed a 36 DDD. The 38 was on it’s tightest rung and since I’m still loosing I wanted one with room to shrink into. Torrid only goes down to a 38. I’m too small for Torrid.

I then go across the street to Lane Bryant. They also only go down to a 38, but could special order a 36 in for me. I’m too small for Lane Bryant store stock. They order a 36DDD in for me. When it came in on Saturday I tried it on and wore it around for a bit. It almost mostly fit correctly. Still have a bit of spillage of saggy skin escaping, enough that I’m self conscious. I’m going to return it. I give up. I’m just going to live in sports bras and older bras that I outgrew while I was gaining weight before. They fit me well enough. Maybe as I lose more I’ll go down even more and can revisit cheaper stores.

After recovering from Friday’s fun migraine induced water-drinking extravaganza, this weekend we celebrated our twin daughters’ 6th birthday.

Saturday afternoon we let them choose what we’d do, any activity. They chose to go ice skating for the first time. I love ice skating. Once upon a time I even took a class so I could learn to be better. I only really can go forward and backward. Nothing fancy. I can’t even stop properly. I just kind of slowly coast to a stop or ram into the wall. But after the class I no longer fall on a regular basis! My girls cannot say the same. We got to the rink about 30 minutes before the close of public skate. There was just enough time to take one lap around the rink with each kid. One sat on the bleachers with my husband while the other skated with me. I cannot even count how many times they both fell, but they both got right back up and kept on trying! They were troopers. We then went to a kid’s arcade for a bit and let them go crazy playing video games.

Sunday, after Sunday school, we had a little mini birthday party with family at my mom’s nursing home. My brother and his awesome fiancé gave them little roller skates, which they then lived in for the next 4 hours. After the party we even went to a local mall that is pretty much abandoned and roller skated around for an hour or so. I even got in on the action. We swung by the house first so I could dig my old skates out of storage so I could join them and teach by example. They fell a fair bit while skating around, but very minimal compared to ice skating.

Something I noticed between the ice skating and roller skating: as long as I can remember, excluding from earlier childhood, my feet would hurt like a mother early on. This time around my feet didn’t hurt at all after an hour of roller skating and 30 minutes of ice skating. The only difference I can really attribute this to is the weight loss. Less weight on the feet and my feet have actually gotten smaller too so the skates probably fit better. A happy discovery 🙂

As the cold weather hits and I’ve had to break out my winter coats I’ve found that they’re comically too big. Sunday after the party my brother noticed this as well and commented. His awesome fiancé then chose to give me the coat literally off her back so I had one that fit properly! Did I say she’s awesome yet? She’s awesome.


2 thoughts on “Failed Adulting!

  1. Hydrating is my biggest hurdle, too. My surgeon and Nut want 64 ounces a day and that’s hard! I don’t have a lot of room in my pouch, so I can’t chug without pain and it’s just hard.


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