Thanksgiving and Dad’s first 5K

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to the people of the interwebs!

This was our first Thanksgiving since weight loss surgery last April. I would like to say that I did ok, but that’s not really the case. The day itself was really nice. Family, friends, food. The meal was yummy and I didn’t over indulge, at least not right away. In case you’re curious what a plate for someone with a 5 oz stomach looks like:

img_20171123_174335217412539304.jpg This is on a desert plate. I ate probably 2/3 of this, and I will admit I was very full. We do a potluck every year, with my husband and I hosting. This year I assigned myself the potatoes. If you’re trying to lose weight or have had weight loss surgery you know that carbs are a big no-no. So I decided to experiment and made mashed cauliflower for the first time. I’m not a cook by any means, so of course I went for the easy microwave version. The taste was decent. The texture however reminded me very much of snot. Slimy and just gross. Big nope. It came out of the microwave with a layer of water separated from it. No matter of stirring would combine the separated layers. Maybe it would have been different if I was talented in the kitchen and made it from scratch, but I very much doubt I’ll ever find out unless someone else makes it for me.

Aside from my mashed cauliflower debacle everything tasted very yummy. My fallback came from grazing, specifically on the sweets. My brother was a pastry chef in a past life, so his deserts are always to die for. Add that to my friend making my favorite desert, white chocolate oreo truffles, and I couldn’t resist. Granted it was a lot loss than it was last year, but still significantly more than I probably should have had. For my second dinner later, because I’m actually a hobbit, I even had a piece of my brother’s butter rum apple pie for a meal. It was delicious and I have no real regrets.

Later when I was posting my pictures from the day’s festivities I decided to look back at last year’s photos for some reason. I couldn’t find a single photo of me. Then I realized that I just didn’t recognize myself! In the only photo, it was taken from the side with me not looking at the camera. Totally didn’t even look like me. My body language in the photo was just depressing too. You could tell I wasn’t comfortable or happy. I looked back the year before that too, two years ago that would be. Again only 1 photo of myself and this one was just a selfie. I actively avoided the camera. Compare that to this year where I sought out getting photos with people. I wanted proof I was there. My cousin even remarked that my body language was more confident, that I was brighter. My friend commented that I was more myself again, the Breanne she remembered from years ago when my weight hadn’t yet hampered how I interacted with the world and myself.

I was curious for a comparison photo from last year to this year. I had to go into my girls’ birthday party photos to get it. Their birthday is November 11th. Close enough.

collage 2017-11-25 00_59_211596487148..jpg

I seriously don’t remember looking like this. I barely recognize myself. At this point, November 2016, I would have just had my first appointment with the surgeon and nutritionist. The  ball would have just started rolling for the 6 month preop diet and all the prerequisite hoops I had to jump through to get my surgery. I still can’t get over how much I’ve changed.

As I’ve been going through my plus size clothes that are now too big, for me to sell/donate them, I’ve noticed that after a certain size I had no cute clothes. I started dressing primarily in jeans and men’s t-shirts. I didn’t feel cute therefore I didn’t dress cute. I didn’t want the spotlight on me. I didn’t want to be noticed. When I did dress girly, or at least less frumpy, I felt incredibly uncomfortable. Nothing fit well, nothing flattered, and I’d be tugging at myself the entire time.  Now my biggest issue is finding something in my closet that isn’t too big!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving Dad and I walked his first 5K. This was my second. A year ago I never would have predicted that I’d have done one, let alone two, 5Ks. Our goal was just to finish, specifically to have Dad finish without stopping once. We achieved that goal!

We didn’t finish dead last overall, which is good, though we did finish last within our respective age groups. The race benefited a program called Whole Again that provides meals for underprivileged youth. A coworker signed up at the last minute to join us too, though she ran it. She even earned second place in her age group! At the finish line we received our medals for being finishers and a huge cinnamon roll, which I found kind of ironic. It was super yummy though, the 3 bites of it I had. We also got these swanky hoodies as a memento.


Now we’re talking about signing up for the Flying Pig marathon in the spring. I need to research if you have to finish in a certain amount of time though. With the hills I think it would be a challenge for Dad, but a good challenge for sure. This track was completely flat in a loop at a local park. The flying pig is through the streets downtown, up and down hills with thousands of people. This time around we beat our weekly walking/hiking times, but I think the challenge of the Flying Pig would slow us down a bit. There’s a while though to work up to it though.


One thought on “Thanksgiving and Dad’s first 5K

  1. Congrats on the 5K. You and Dad are doing great!

    I walked a 5k earlier this month. Also did not come in dead last. We’re both rockin’ it, aren’t we?

    I think I did really well for Thanksgiving. I used a normal sized plate but had small portions of everything. And then I had a couple slivers of pie (gluten free pumpkin and strawberry rhubarb) without crust. Also ate a tiny bit of black bean brownies.

    Managed to not over eat and not dumping or the foamies. That’s a happy thing.

    Keep up the good work!

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