Flex with me!

Last Thursday Dad had his 9 month postop appointment. He’s officially down 75 lbs, 12 lbs since his last appointment at 6 months. He’s not too happy about the number, wanting it to be bigger. In my book though a loss is a loss. It’s more than he would have lost before this process. My 9 month appointment isn’t until January 31st.

We’ve officially registered for the Mercy Mini Heart Marathon 5K walk. There’s a team developing from my work and we’re walking with them. This is the 5K Dad actually requested we join. We’re doing the Couch25K app program to prepare for it, and to prepare for the Flying Pig in the spring. The day before the walk there’s a whole health fair/expo at the convention center downtown that looks like it’ll be fun too. If you feel so inclined to donate to our fundraising efforts the links to our pages are below:





The American Heart Association uses the walk, marathon, and expo to raise money for heart health and stroke research. Many of you know that my mom suffered a major debilitating stroke over 5 years ago. We’re walking in her name 🙂

On a happier note of sorts, my wedding ring doesn’t fit! Truthfully it hasn’t fit in over 6 years. I stopped wearing it when I was pregnant with the girls. My fingers swelled like sausages and I weirdly started reacting to the metal of the rings themselves. After I had the girls and was no longer swollen I then became too fat to wear them, so I just didn’t. 3 years ago I had a ring tattoo done that mirrored the shapes and sapphire in my engagement ring. I missed wearing them but was too cheap to get them resized, plus I was ever hopeful that I’d lose the weight and they’d fit again. Well the other day on a whim I put them on and now they’re too big! With very minimal hand flapping they slide right off!

Also note the brand new Fitbit Flex2 my left wrist is now sporting. My loving husband gave it to me for the holidays. It’s weird feeling to have something on my wrist again. I haven’t worn a watch for the same amount of time as my rings. Now I have this thing on my wrist that I’m supposed to only take off to charge every 5 days. It’s waterproof so I can even shower with it on if I so choose. It tracks my sleep and everything! If you want to friend me on there we can challenge each other. Flex with me! 🙂