My First 5K!

This past Friday I participated in my first 5K. In the past I’d always said that the only way you’d see me running is if something was chasing me. Through this process I’ve weirdly, at least weird to me, started to really enjoy exercising and physical activity.

My friend, Jessie, and a retired co-worker, Randy, and his grandson and I walked it together. We did run the last 50 feet though. Our finish time was 1 hour on the nose. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. The 5K was at Kings Island Amusement Park. The route was super cool and made it worth it by itself. It went back behind the entire park along the service drives, under some of the coasters. It was really cool to see the behind the scenes aspects.


Part of the course even went through the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit, which normally you would have to pay extra in addition to the park ticket. Good timing too since they’re getting rid of the exhibit next month and I’d never felt the need to pay the extra money to see a bunch of animatronic dinos.

Included in the price of the 5K registration fee was entrance to the Haunt and park afterward, so of course we took advantage of this. Over the course of 4 hours Jessie and I went through 3 haunted houses and 6 roller coasters, including the newest coaster, Mystic Timbers, and a new haunt that we haven’t been through before, Blackout. In Blackout you’re literally in pitch darkness feeling your way through. It was really unique. The wall changed texture as you went, with things hanging down getting in your face and things brushing along your legs, with the occasional person jumping out at you in the dark. Riding the coasters I found that they hurt a lot more than I remember. I have less padding than I did the last time I rode. I also slide around in the seat more. Tiny victories 🙂

Growing up with Jessie we used to go creeking all the time in the woods behind her childhood home. For her birthday a few years ago we went down memory lane and recreated some memories, and broke a few trespassing laws while we were at it. I remember feeling incredibly out of shape, even though it was very fun. Between the creeking adventure and the 5K just a few things have changed 😉

Now I’m trying to talk Dad into doing another 5K with me for Thanksgiving. He’s seriously thinking about it. Just last weekend we walked 3.8 miles in 1.5 hours with only stopping once for him to sit. I more than think he can do it. Now I just have to convince him…